Duncan & Fraser Ltd. 1865-1927
"Help Wanted"

1922 deluxe as found

Photo courtesy of David Chantrell

1922 Ford Duncan & Fraser Ltd. "Deluxe" Roadster

This car was bought from the original family in Crystal Brook about 35 years ago. The previous owner stripped the car nearly down to every last nut and bolt with the intention of restoring it one day...

A couple of months ago the current owner finalised a deal and he is now the new owner of a Ford 'T' in 1,000's of pieces! Luckily the body escaped the major stripping from the previous owner. After many trips to the farm the car is now in one place where I was fortunate enough to have a look at this "deluxe" body that we did not know about, one of the very last before the fire. The car is fairly complete, but it is missing some items which is why we need your help. Do you have or do you know where he can get hold of:-

  • 1922 motor
  • Pair of Duncan & Fraser Ltd. kick plates
  • Pair of front deluxe door hinges
  • Round fuel tank
  • Hood mechanism & bows

    1922 deluxe as found

    1922 deluxe as found

    Please help us to get another Duncan & Fraser Ltd. car back on the road. Do you have any parts that can be used as patterns? Please contact me if you can help in any way. All contacts will be treated confidential (unless you say not to) and will be only forwarded to the owner of this car.